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Lead Generation Services

Our lead generation team can eliminate the need for you to do outreach yourself. Instead of sales calls to cold leads or sending out mass emails, you can have pre-qualified & interested customers get in touch with you, which makes it much easier to convert them into a sale.

  • Exclusive to you – We only ever sell to one partner, so you won’t be competing with others to convert leads.
  • Real-time – Our leads come to you in real-time, which is why we like to partner with companies who can respond quickly to maintain a high conversion rate.
  • High quality & intent – We ensure you only receive leads that are genuinely interested in your product/service.

The agency with the
most Google awards in Europe

And the first agency to win a Google award three years in a row!

What separates Push from the rest?


As an established agency for 12 years, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. If we can make it work for you – which we probably can – then great. If we don’t think we can meet your required volume or cost per lead, then we’ll be the first to say so.


We’ll never sell the leads we generate for you to anyone else – we work closely with Contact State, a lead generation technology that ensures your leads go to you and you only.



We try and get you the highest quality leads possible. For that to happen, we need regular feedback throughout the first few months to ensure this – this data can allow us to optimise your campaign and keep the quality of your leads high.


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The agency with the
most Google awards in Europe

And the first agency to win a Google award three years in a row!

Google Ads

As a Google Premier Partner, we typically start with running campaigns to one of our custom built landing pages – we use multi-step forms, which means we can ask whatever questions you like. This helps to qualify the customer and increases the quality of your leads.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads might not be able to get the same volume that you can get with Google Ads, but it can work extremely well for certain industries and delivers high quality leads, often at lower CPA’s than Google.


Native Ads are exactly as they sound – they’re ‘native’ to the content a user is reading, so it’s a great way to target new customers without being intrusive. We use Outbrain, Taboola & others to help scale up the volume of your campaigns.

YouTube Ads

If you want to get started with YouTube Ads, then we can help. Whether you’re running YouTube Ads already and need an expert to take a look, or you’ve never launched a campaign before, we can 


Our in-house Facebook team 

Channels We Use

At Push, we use various different platforms to get you the leads you need.

Our Channel Partnership status with Google and Elite Partnership with Microsoft mean that these are usually our first port of call – we find that for most industries, they tend to deliver the highest quality leads, although the cost per lead may be a little higher than other sources.

If you’re looking for a large volume of leads with tight margins, then we can look towards other methods of driving traffic – our in-house Facebook team can help you find entirely new customers without them showing an interest in your service. In most cases, we find a combination of the two to be the best fit.

We manage monthly budgets
from £1000 to £100,000+



Industries We’ve Worked In

Business Waste

CPA -20%
Lead Volume +2000%
Conversion rate +30%
Comparing 12 months after going live

Health Insurance

CPA -32%
Lead Volume +2200%
Conversion rate +17%
Comparing 10 months after going live

Hair Transplant Clinics

CPA -45%
Lead Volume +4000%
Conversion rate +37%
Comparing 8 months after going live

Over the years, we’ve managed to make it work in pretty much every sector you can think of. No matter your industry, we can help.